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Being Misunderstood

Image by: Ana Montana via

We, youth, want to learn and explore things around us. Our curiosity drives us insane and makes us want to try new things. We want to do more and experience more.

As a teenager, who is eager to learn and explore this beautiful world, I experienced being judged and worse, misunderstood. Sometimes I wonder if it’s wrong to try new things. I don’t understand why our society is so judgemental to the point that even if you did something that they don’t usually do, it’s like you’re a sinner. I know I’m still young and I still need their guidance but all I want is they let me explore and discover things on my own as long as I know my limitations. In my past years, I regret not doing things I want because I’m afraid to be misunderstood. I encourage you all, who are struggling because of being misunderstood to continue what you are doing, try new things, don’t be afraid. The only important thing you should consider is that you don’t hurt anyone. In my opinion, it’s better to experience things than to regret not doing them in the future. Live your life to the fullest but don’t forget your limitations. Society’s standards doesn’t define us. We don’t need to explain and feel sorry for the things we did because we want to learn. Let’s just explore. Be yourself. Just continue.

We are explorers and adventurers of this life. Don’t let people hold you back in doing things you want and things you love. If you are misunderstood by people around you, just go. You will be the person you want to become. Let them see your success despite of their judgement.


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